Slab Heating

Welcome to our slab heating solutions

Let us design and install your customised hydronic slab heating solution for your home or office. With more than 25 years of hydronic heating experience, we are the right professionals to help keep your flooring warm and comfortable.

See below for our high-quality, efficient and powerful slab heating solutions.


Insulated Concrete Heating


Efficient, hydronic heating at its finest

Enjoy warm, comfortable floors in your home and office with insulated concrete heating. Also known as in-slab heating, we position the hydronic piping on top of the foundational concrete slab, which is followed by a layer of insulation and another layer of concrete (also called screed).

We design the hydronic system to suit your needs. You can control which parts of your flooring are heated at any given time.

Underfloor Heating

Warm up stone

Our expertise will make the coldest stone, marble, slate, timber, tiles and carpet warm. We put the temperature control in your hands – you decide when to heat select rooms, and how warm you want them.

Underfloor slab heating produces energy efficient results, transforming your floor into a comfortable, release heat radiator.