Hydronic Heating

Brendon Harris In Slab Services


In-Slab or Floor Coil Heating is an ideal floor hydronic heating systems, where the room will feel spacious with the absence of any visible radiators.

Benefits of In-Slab Hydronic Heating Systems:

Efficiency: In-Slab Hydronic Heating Systems offer increased efficiency by creating zones, thus offering a controlled room-by-room heating environment, and this is all achieved by using an electronic actuation control system.

Cost Effective: An In-Slab Hydronic Heating System is the most cost-effective type of hydronic heating systems. This is due to the reduced installation time, lower running costs, as heating boiler will be operating at a lower temperature.

Comfort: The heat that is generated by In-Slab Heating will spread evenly, thus eliminating cold spots in the room and provide you with better comfort.

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Brendon Harris Hydronics offer high quality Panel Radiators that will accommodate your needs. Brendon Harris Hydronics Panel Radiators covers an extensive choice of heights, widths and convector options available. Brendon Harris Hydronics’s Panel Raduatirs provide sizing flexibility with an exceptional quality.

Panel Radiators generate radiated heat, which emits directly from the panel and convected heat.

How do panel radiators work?

Convected heat is circulated by drawing in cool air through the radiator and passed over the fins, which then will be heated and directly emitted from the panel into the room. This process increases the performance of the panel.

Panel Radiators are an ideal method for heating rooms with high ceilings, as the convected heat will heat the entire room.

Brendon Harris Hydronics will assist you in accurately calculate the heat requirements for each individual room, ensuring that the desired temperature is achieved.



Although traditional ranges of panel radiators provide a classic design, you could opt for a more unique and stylish radiator.

Designer Radiators may look stylish, but it does not sacrifice performance. Designer Radiators provide exceptional and efficient heating performance that will both meet your creativity and heating needs.

Brendon Harris Hydronics are delighted to offer a distinct and a unique line up of Designer Radiators that will blend in with your room, as well as provide an outstanding heating performance.

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