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Hydronic Heating Specialist
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Over 25 years of experience in hydronic heating. Brendon Harris will provide you with a comprehensive service and will meet your needs.

Peace of Mind

Brendon Harris will provide you with an exceptional customer service, where the quality of service will be ensured and you will have a peace of mind that everything is done professionally.

Quality Guaranteed

Brendon Harris is a fully certified specialist and will guarantee that the service provided is performed by a professional.


Brendon Harris Hydronics are specialists in Hydronic Heating, one of the most effective, cost efficient, allergy safe methods of heating. We take the utmost pride in our work, we strive to deliver you a quality heating installation, that exceeds your expectations. We also install In-Slab Heating (floor heating), Panel Radiators, Towel Rails, Gas Fired Burners and Wood Fire Burners.


Unlike ducted heating systems, Hydronic Heating Systems don’t have ducts to spread dust, dust mites, germs, odours and noise.

Hydronic Heating is recommended by Asthma Support Organisations and other health professionals.

Hydronic Heating operates on the principle of radiation and convection. The two principles result in a natural healthy system that produces luxurious, efficient heat. There are no hot spots and the heat is not only comfortable, it is healthier.


It is by far the most efficient, liveable and allergy safe forms of heating. Heat is controlled and maintained at even levels throughout the entire room, not just the ceiling as in ducted systems. Hydronic heating uses hot water to transfer heat through the slab or radiators. There are also allergy and health benefits.