Designer Hydronic Heating

Welcome to our designer solutions

From a work of art to invisible efficiency, we have the designer hydronic heating solutions to suit you.

Enjoy peace of mind with our hydronic heating expertise than spans more than 25 years. We have the knowledge and skills required to deliver powerful, efficient and designer hydronic heating to your home and office.

Enjoy our range of designer trench heating and designer radiators below.

Stylish Trench Heating

Invisible, uncompromised heating

If you’ve imagined barely-there, space-free heating, our designer hydronics trench heating solution is for you. Also known as convector heating, trench heating sits at floor level and below, providing the perfect solution for space-conscious heating.

We measure your home or office to begin designing the trenching plan, and provide you with a range of grille, floor-level finishes to suit your décor.

Contact us to find out about an trench heating design to suit your needs.

Designer Radiators


Heating meets style

This is heating technology and energy efficiency, draped in style.

Our designer heating solutions will make a bold, quality statement for your home or office.

We offer a range of sizes, designs and colours to suit your décor, heating needs and spacing.

Ask us about how we can tailor a stylish heating solution to suit your needs.